Gameday First Play – Looterz

“But those set to guard a treasure, are too often those who loot it.”

~ Wilbur Smith

In Looterz, players are racing to collect the most loot possible by recruiting a team of Looterz. Your loot is never safe though as many Looterz have the ability to steal Loot from other players.

This is an easy quick one…

Everyone gets a handful of Looter cards… They have Health, Strength and most have an ability.


You start your turn with a recruit phase where you either draw a card or recruit (play) a Looter. If the Looter has a Recruitment ability, activate it…

Then you activate each of your Looters in any order.

Some have abilities that say Activate so you can spend that Looters action to do it. They can steal Loot/Looters/Health, Kill Looters etc

You can attack other players’ Looters by rolling a die for each Health your Looter has and dealing a damage for each die that is equal to or less than your Looters strength.

Or you can Search, by rolling dice in the same way but gaining 1 Loot for each success.

After you activate all your Looters you get a second Recruit phase, then discard down to 3 Looters if you have too many and the next player goes.

Once a player hits a certain a number of Loot, they win.


So this is good fun and while the cards and dice may make it look random, you can play what you have well and win… Although if you always roll high you won’t get any Loot from searching. But it’s only 20 mins so you probably won’t notice.

You do need to pay attention. If you leave a player unchecked they could easily get 3-4 Loot on their turn so you need to attack their Looters, lower the number of dice they roll.

So the game has a bit of take that with attacking and Looter abilities and even I don’t mind it 🙂

The art is fun and great, the bits are the same as other CMON games but impressive for the size of game and the price… Although I’d prefer the (probably) cheaper cardboard ones from Arcadia Quest and a cheaper overall game. It’s just a filler after all.

Still, good fun and is currently my “take to every game day” game.

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  1. Fel Barros says:

    HI Jesta,

    Thanks a lot for the positive review. The game received the “CMON treatment” for good components , hope people are enjoying at your ‘every game day’ policy 😉

    Happy lootin’!

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