Gameday First Play – Legends of Adventure

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The first Kickstarter I backed.


Legends of Adventure is a cooperative fantasy board game that streamlines the role-playing experience for newcomers to the genre, people who have limited time for gaming, and those who just want to play a lighter style of game. Players attempt to cooperatively complete 10 adventures in order to become Legends. To do so, all the players must work together to defeat Monsters along the way. Each time you play is unique, and the game is enhanced by magnificent fantasy artwork.

To play Legends of Adventure, players become Heroes of different types and go forth to undertake up to 10 adventures. To complete each adventure, the Heroes must defeat a group of Monsters equal in number to the number of players. The assorted adventures and the Monsters provide circumstances and powers that modify game play. In order to defeat the Monsters and complete each adventure, the players must jointly outscore the Monsters’ combined level. This is done by rolling unique dice, featuring water, fire, and forest icons, for the levels of Heroes and Treasure Cards played, as well as playing Divine Intervention cards, adding an interesting spin that allows Heroes to request help from the gods. Each successful die roll adds to the overall score of the Heroes; once the Heroes have defeated the Monsters, they receive loot in the form of Treasure Cards that will help them in future adventures. The variety of cards provides different scenarios not only for all adventures but also for each game as a whole.

That says it all.

You turn over an adventure card which generally does nothing most rounds.

You flip over monsters equal to the number of players and add their total on the Monster track.

You roll dice for each player, adding all the Water symbols to the Legends track

Whoever is lowest gets to play cards. Players can play a lot whereas Monster play one each trying to get Fire symbols.

If players can’t win they can replace a guy with a new guy from their hand to roll extra dice.

If the humans win they collect treasure and repeat this process.

I only played a practice game of this solo but it’s so uninteresting I didn’t want to inflict this on my friends.

Also, the cards are the flimsiest I’ve ever felt and all 4 cards types are a different size…

The rulebook is also just folded paper and even has a blank page inside the cover…

But… the art is quite nice and the box/insert is good quality.

Anyone want to buy it?

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