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Another game I heard of via The Secret Cabal.

Brewster’s Millions, the game?

In his last will, your rich uncle stated that all of his millions will go to the nephew who can enjoy money the most. How to find out which nephew should be rich? You will each be given a large amount of money and whoever can spend it first will be the rightful heir. Visit the most exclusive theatres or eat in the most expensive restaurants. Buy old properties for the price of new ones and sell them as ruins. Host a huge party in your mansion or on your private boat. Spend like your life would depend on it. Spend to become rich! If you’re the first to run through the money on hand, you’ll receive the rest of his inheritance – oh, and win the game.

So this is fun… A Euro where you have to get rid of money is a nice touch.

Firstly, the turn order track is pretty cool. The first player gets to pick a place on the turn order track and the turn order track is excellent.

Basically your position on the turn order track determines order in the following phases, but, they also determine how many cards you draw, how many errand boys you send out and how many actions you get.

You get between 0 and 6 cards, 1 or 2 Errand boys and 1-4 actions. They are mixed up down the track and it feels very balanced.

Cards are things like houses and farms, parties, boat trips, dogs/horses etc etc Loads of ways to waste your money.

Errand boys, represented by wooden Top Hats, are sent out to do various things. They can adjust the real estate value of the different building types, go to the Theatre (wastes £2), draw cards, put extra rooms on your player board and probably most importantly, draw from a selection of face up cards.

Last Will Gameplay

The action phase is where you play cards onto your player board, or from your hand.

Building houses is cool. I built a farmhouse for £28 and added a farmer, horses and other things to it to allow me to burn £14 a turn, not bad!

Trouble is, Farms hold their value so towards the end of the game I sold it for a whopping £22!

Mansions and Town Houses allow you to pay upkeep on them, usually around £4 per turn, which is nice. But a better thing to do is NOT pay the upkeep thus letting the property run down and devaluing it greatly. For example, a Town House bought for £18 on turn 1 could easily be sold for £4 on turn 5.

This is a really nice touch.

Other ways to burn money are things like having dinner. A dinner would cost around £4. Have a Chef? Have him cook it for  an extra £2. Dog hungry? Invite him for another £2!

There are some really fun ways to get rid of your cash. At the end I had A LOT of money left thanks to my farm, lesson leaned.

This was a fun game. If it was the other way around and you had to gain money it wouldn’t be half as fun.

Will play again.

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