Gameday First Play – Karuba

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“All paths are the same, leading nowhere.”

~ Carlos Castaneda

“Many moons have come and gone since your boats departed on the journey to Karuba. Once you arrive on the island, each player will lead an expedition team of four adventurers. Now you just have to navigate your way through the dense jungle to make it to the temples. But, the ancient jungle trails have to be found and uncovered first! Hurry up and be the first to reach the temples to collect the most valuable treasures. Many paths have dead ends and you need to be patient to find the right/best way”

Each player has an identical player board, set of tiles, meeples and temples. All but one player lays out their tiles in numerical order.

The player that does not, shuffles their tiles and places the Adventurers and Temples on their player board. The locations of these are copied by the other players.

The ‘shuffled’ player calls out a number, everyone now uses this tile. You can either place it on your player board to form a path, trying to connect an adventurer with it’s matching colour temple.

Or, you can move an adventurer a number of tiles equal to the number of entry/exit points on that tile. So if a tile is a cross from left to right, up and down, that’s 4 entry/exit points so 4 movement points.

As you’re moving along you can pick up crystals by stopping on them, they’re worth end game VPs’.

Also, if you get the adventurer to the right temple, you take a token worth VP’s that decrease in value as more players pick them up.

When all the tiles have been placed the game ends, most points wins.


Easy setup, hardly any rules but very strategic game play.

EVERY single tile is a choice of placement or movement. Then you have to think where to place it… Near an adventure? Near a temple? In the middle? If you’re moving, which Adventurer do you move?


I can’t help but wonder if you can develop a system, and stick to it? Probably not due to the tiles being so random


A fun puzzle I’d like to play again.

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