Gameday First Play – In a Bind

In most card games, drawing more cards is a good thing.

In this one, it certainly is not, is just means you have to keep playing.

In a Bind is a party game involving physical challenges.

The game features a deck of cards, each one featuring a simple “bind”, e.g., “one finger touching nose”, “left elbow above shoulder”, “two hands touching” or “this card on top of head”.

Each turn, you draw a new card. Its instruction must be obeyed for the entire rest of the game. When you have so many binds that you are unable to comply with them all, you lose. The last person to lose wins.

Everyone takes turns drawing one of these cards…

In A Bind Cards

You do what it says… It round it comes to you you draw another and keep going until you can’t do one, or fail doing one you already have. Last person standing wins.

If you like this kinda thing, Kragmortha is a much better option.

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