Gameday First Play – Greed

A simple drafting game by the creator of Dominion.

Where you draft AND have a hand of cards.

In the card game Greed, crime lords (the players) try to earn more money than anyone else through clever use of their cards.

You’re trying to make the most money by playing Thugs, Holdings and Action cards.

You start by getting a random card to get you going. This is your hand but you now get 12 more cards that you will draft.

The first two rounds of drafting no cards are played, you just add 2 cards to your first card…

Now, you have a hand of 3 cards and a pile of 10 cards that have been passed to you.

In the third drafting round, you pick a card, pass the rest to your left and choose a card from your hand of 4 to play face down. Each player reveals simultaneously.

Greed Cards

Each card has a number in the bottom right and cards are resolved lowest to highest. Most of the time this won’t matter but sometimes it does so it’s important to follow the rules anyway.

Actions are one shot use cards with all kinds of abilities.

Thugs have abilities but also icons that can be used for other things.

Holdings, or buildings have abilities and icons too but they get tokens on them for their symbols. They also get tokens for each matching symbol on cards you’ve played before and after the holding is played.

Some cards have a cost so you may need to spend Money or even Thugs and Holdings you have in play. Some cards have a Need, you just need to have whatever it is in your tableau.

After 10 rounds of playing cards you count up your cash and add $10k for each holding counter you have, most money wins.

Greed Money and Holding Tokens


It is simple, but does take a lot of planning. You need to build those combos to get more and more holding tokens.

Obviously you don’t know which symbols are coming and as not all cards are in the game, even if they’re are as many of them as you’d like.

But, it is fun, plays quick and is simple to play.

Does it have a long lifespan with such a limited card pool? Maybe not, we’ll see.

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