Gameday First Play – Grand Prix

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“Anything happens in Grand Prix racing, and it usually does.”

~ Murray Walker

Grand Prix is the newest auto racing game where 2-11 players can compete in the game controlling either one team of two cars or multiple teams.

This is a slight variation on Thunder Alley. Game play is similar except for a few changes which I’ll list here…


You only have 2 cars in your team. You also control 2 neutral cars as well as sharing custody of a couple of un-owned cars. You still only score for your team, the others can be used to help or hinder.

White cars with symbols are the neutral cars controlled by players.


You have two types of tyres, hard and soft and you can start the race with either set. You can change them during a pit stop and you MUST have used both sets at least once each  by the end of the race of that car gets disqualified.

One of the sets of tyres lets you, once per set, add the pit movement on the card to the movement of the car for a one off boost.

Damage & Pitting

Damage is gained, removed and reduces your speed in the same way.

However, when you pit you go back a number of spaces based on the value of the damage printed on the tokens.

You also have tokens that don’t count as actual damage, but count as you ‘driving aggressively’ shall we say and these come up on event cards.


The cars move faster with cards going up to 9 in speed (13 with the tyre boost) and 7+’s seem to be more common.


Same tactical card play of Thunder Alley which I already really like.

Good F1 simulation.


Just 2 cars… If one gets left behind or taken out by an event card that’s half your team gone! I know that’s how it is in real life but it’s not like I trained to be an F1 driver so I can’t race Nascar 🙂

Controlling 2-4 Neutral cars just isn’t as fun as controlling a whole team.


It’s good, it’s just not Thunder Alley good 🙂

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