Gameday First Play – Good Cop Bad Cop

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A deduction game that takes place in the real world…


Good Cop Bad Cop is a 52 card hidden identity, deduction game where each player takes on the role of a law enforcement officer in a corrupt district. Players must investigate others to figure out who is on their side, grab one of the 2-3 guns on the table, and shoot the opposing leader to win the game.

Each player gets 3 role cards face down…

Good Cop Bad Cop Cards


Get 2 Honest and you’re Honest, 2 Crooked and you’re Crooked… With the exception that if you’re the Agent you’re ALWAYS Honest and if you’r the Kingpin you’re always Crooked.

Everyone also gets an equipment card. These cards do a lot of different things throughout the game…

Good Cop Bad Cop Card

You can take 1 of 4 actions each turn.

The most used one is to Investigate someone by looking at one of their cards.

You can pick up a new Equipment card as your action for your turn but you have to flip one of your role cards face up.

Another action you can take is to grab a gun, at the end of your turn you can aim your gun at someone.

Good Cop Bad Cop Gun

The other thing you can do is shoot the person you’re currently pointing at.

If you’re Crooked or Honest, you die and are out of the game. If you’re the Agent or the Kingpin you take a Wound token, a second shot kills you and your team loses.

It’s pretty good, we only played with the minimum player count of 4 which generally doesn’t work so well for these kind of games.

It’s got that Blood Bound feel but plays better, and easier.

Its good, not great but I would like to play it with more players because I think it will make things better.

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