Gameday First Play – Go da Cheese!

Send the Dog to Scare the Cat who catches the Mice that eat the Cheese.

But you gotta eat that Cheese!

A large, rich house must of course contain a large, rich pantry. And there, you will find a lot of cheese!

All mice from around the neighbourhood have been waiting and longing for the day when the door to the pantry will open, dreaming dreams on stuffing themselves with that delicious cheese…

And one day, the door opened. Everyone rushed to the feast, trying to beat their rivals to the goal, and hoping that the vicious cat won’t see them…

Whose mice will be able to steal most cheese, whose cats will catch most mice, and whose dogs will chase away most cats? This is the start of a fearsome fight for food and fame!

You have a wheel of cheese, each with different values.

Everyone has an identical deck which is shuffled and each player draws 3 cards. On your turn you have 2 options.

Draw 3 cards (Max hand size is 6)

Play 3 cards…

When playing you pick one of the Cheese cards and play the first card face down, then play the other 2 cards on the cheese in clockwise order face up. Some cards must be placed face down which breaks this rule.

Go Da Cheese Play Area

Subsequent cards stack on cards already assigned to a cheese. When everyone has played all their cards, you score each cheese.

Flip all the cards face up, keeping their order. (That’s important)

Firstly, any Dogs placed Adjacent to Cats scare them away and go in that Dogs scoring pile.

Then the remaining Cats work their way towards the Cheese eating up to 3 Mice on the way, putting them in their scoring pile as well.

King Mice them move to the head of the queue, as you would expect a King to do.

Then, from closest to furthest away, Mice eat the Cheese and go to their respective players score pile.

You add up your points, most points wins.

I like these little card games, like Recycle, that are very quick and easy yet rewards good play. This one seems a little more random than that with most of the cards being played face down but you can make educated guesses as to where Mice , Cats and Dogs are being played.

Very fun.

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