Gameday First Play – GIPF

Another Project GIPF Game…

Another defeat…

GIPF is a strategic game for two players based on a classic concept.

Following games of TZARR and YINSH is this one, similar look, different game play, same opponent, same result.

You’re trying to ensure your opponent can’t play by making them run out of pieces.

On your turn, you put a piece on the outer edge of the board and slide it on, pushing each other piece down the chosen line one space forward…

GIPF Board

If you end up with 4 in a row, you take them back into your hand.

Any opponents pieces that can be part of a continuation of your row of 4 you capture, putting them in front of you.

This of course means you’re able to keep playing and your opponent has fewer pieces, eventually running out.

Also, you have 3 ‘King’ pieces that are a stack of two regular chips that start on the board. Lose all them and you lose too.

It’s very simple but so difficult with the lines and the angles and hoping the pieces end up the same way you worked it out in your head and you haven’t occidentally left your opponent on a good move.

Good Game.

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