Gameday First Play – Garbage Day

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“If you ever wonder whether or not someone is too good for you, I’d advise going through their trash. Really. No one looks superior after that.”

~ Ally Carter

There’s an epic battle of wits being slyly waged among you and your roommates. No one speaks of it, or even acknowledges its existence, but when it comes to taking out the garbage, it’s all about the art of the dodge. In the pursuit of avoidance, each dexterously stacked banana peel represents a small victory. That candy wrapper hidden in the deep recesses of your room is a silent success. But the greenish milk carton you secretly stashed under your roommate’s bed, that was a stroke of genius! That is, until you get caught making a mess while everyone else pretends they would never be so childish — as to get caught. Be careful and be cunning because only the champion can gloat in a hammock while everyone else lugs out the trash on garbage day.

You have a room that starts with a starting card called Clutter and is worth 3…

Garbage Day Your Room

You have a hand of 2 cards and each card has 2 holes in it.

Garbage Day Holes in Cards

On your turn you draw a card and play a card. Some cards have a Smell icon that you can play into an opponents Room. Some you have to play into your room. Some have abilities that you play into other peoples rooms that will make them do things.

Garbage Day Lots in Room

But other cards you have to put in the bin… If the value of cards in your room exceeds 10 you need to ‘Tidy Your Room’ and put them all on one at a time.

Some of the action cards you play force players to clean their room too.

Garbage Day Balance Cards

To add to the bin you need to lay the cards on top AND be able to see down through both holes in the cards.

Garbage Day Medium Stack

As the game goes on, the bin gets fuller…

Garbage Day Bigger Stack

When it starts to seriously overflow you see cards start to move when you place another card.

Garbage Day Bin Collapse

Eventually a pile will fall off and if you did it, you keep them all. If you collect more cards than the current limit for the number of players you’re out and be the last player left to win.

It’s silly fun along with games like Rhino Hero, you either like them or hate them. i happen to like them 🙂

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