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A game based on Magic designed by former Magic Pro Tour players.

So yeah, it’s similar to Magic.

In Epic, you take on the role of an elder god, in conflict with other elder gods. The cards in your deck are your champions, who fight for you, and events, which represent your will imposed on the mortal realm.

If you know how to play Magic the Gathering, you’ll pick this game up in 5 minutes. If you don’t know Magic, you’ll pick it up in 7.

Each player has a deck of 30 cards. These are either just a random set of 30 cards, drafted, constructed etc Whatever your preference.

I played with 30 random cards from the Good Faction (White, similar to White in Magic with Life gain and swarm type tactics.) vs 30 from the Sage Faction (Blue, fairly similar to Blue in Magic with Bounce and Card Drawing).

The other Factions are Wild (Green) and Evil (Red). You can mix these factions up in a deck but for now we’re just playing it as is.

Epic Deck and Discard Pile

Game play is simple but quite hard to describe so I’ll just say this…

For the Non-Magic Player

You play Champions on to the board and attack your opponent in an attempt to bring their life total from 30 to 0. You also have Event cards that effect the players and other Champions.

Each player has 1 Gold each turn and can play one card that requires a Gold per turn plus any number of 0 cost cards.

The rules are simple and easy to learn and game play is very quick once you know what you’re doing. I would suggest printing out a cheat sheet of the keywords to use as a reference as there are about 12 and not all of them are straight forward.

There is also a little bit of terminology to remember but not too much.

Epic Game Play

For the Magic Player

Here are the main differences…

  • You have a deck of 30 cards
  • You start with 30 life
  • You start with a hand of 5
  • There is no Mana system. Each player has 1 Gold each turn.
  • There is no stack. You can respond only to declaring attackers, declaring blockers and declaring End of Turn.
  • You have multiple attack steps. After each attack you can attack again with a different Champion if you wish
  • If you attack with multiple Champions simultaneously they attack as one and can all be blocked by a single Champion.
  • Champions can only block once per turn so if it does and survives it’s rotated 180 degrees to shows it has blocked. It can still be activated for abilities.
  • If your opponent responds to you declaring your End Step, you go back to your Main Phase, and may even Attack again.

There’s not really much else to say, except the artwork is PHENOMENAL!

Epic Gold Dragon

Well, if these Gold Dragon wasn’t tapped and under a light you could see how good the artwork was 🙂

While I got destroyed playing this and ran out of cards fairly quickly, I could see how good this game was.

While it doesn’t have that slow build up and tactical play of Magic, it’s limited and seemingly balanced card pool are going to make for exciting games.

Also, every card available (120 I think) is available for about £10, as much as one rare Magic card 🙂

A good game, one I’m looking forward to playing plenty more in the future.

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