Gameday First Play – Enigma

A puzzle game, yay!

A game where you WANT to do a maths test.

In Enigma, players are exploring an ancient temple, solving different problems to make their way from room to room.

So with this you’re doing one of four timed puzzles. You draft the puzzle types with one player taking one of each.

Enigma Games

Block stacking involves, well, stacking blocks… But you have to stack them to match the plan view on the card without leaving any gaps. I only managed to do 1 out of 2 of these and it was generally disliked around the table.

Canal-Building is like the old Pipe-Mania type game where you have to connect all the pipes up. I failed the one time I tried this…

Tangrams are Tangrams and I failed at that the one time I tried it too but it was agreed that it was a very hard one.

The easiest and most fought over was the Balance Problem, or the mathy one. This is just putting X tokens on numbers to make each side balance up. Most were harder than the example I took a picture of. I only failed one of the many I had.

Enigma Maths Game

If you pass a challenge you get the card and if you fail you don’t… But what do you need them for?

Well, you’re building a path in a Carcassonne style scoring game. You place your tile so the artwork matches, and you may place a pawn on that tile.

Enigma Board

Once a path is complete, you score points for each space of the colour your pawn is on, first to 15 wins.

Sadly I hit 15 the same time as someone else hit 16 so I lost by one point.

It’s a fun game. Not the kind of game I’d like to play too often with it’s Ricochet Robots thing going on but a good fun one.

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