Gameday First Play – Eminent Domain

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This is an unusual one as it’s the first Gameday First Play for one of my own games.

After the reviews from The Secret Cabal and the video by Watch It Played this was put on my wants list.

It is, essentially, a deck building game. But don’t let that put you off deck building haters, it doesn’t feel like one as much as say Thunderstone or anything by Crypotzoic.

Rodney Smith from Watch It Played  does this better than anyone so I’ll let him show you how to play. (Plus the rulebook is awful!)

If anyone is unfamiliar with Rodney Smith and the Watch It Played series I highly recommend subscribing.

Eminent Domain Gameplay

This picture was taken during my second game of Eminent Domain, my first also being at a Gamesday so I’m not cheating here…

I’ll be honest, I really like this game. It’s a deck builder but not TOO much so and I like that your starting tactic can differ from game to game depending on your starting planet.

I also like that at some point you have to switch from Surveying and Colonisation/Warfare to gaining influence points in your chosen method, which actually can include Surveying for a new plant and colonising/attacking it.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t exactly want to get this game but the traders at the Con I went to didn’t have the Race for the Galaxy expansion or Core Worlds so that helped to break that particular 3 way tie. I’m glad I got it though, I really like playing it.

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