Gameday First Play – Eaten By Zombies

Posted on by Jesta

A basic deck building game with a little something added on…

…and Zombies!

You have a standard deck of crappy cards and you use them to buy stuff.

But each turn you have Zombies to deal with. You can fight or flee.

If you fight, you must use fight cards to defeat them all or lose damage (Remove cards in your hand, graveyard or top of your deck from the game)

If you flee its the same thing.

At first you get 1, maybe 2, but then you start getting 4-5 and losing half your deck if you’re unable to cope.

This game is tough!

Eaten by Zombies Gameplay


I like deck builders that add a little something. Eminent Domain and it’s tableu building, Puzzle Strike and it’s combat and Tanto Cuore and it’s dodgy ‘Chambering’ mechanism are good examples.

I like how you gai and lose cards from your deck. Makes it a bit more random but again, it’s something different.

I liked this one.

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