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A drafting game that’s just drafting, twice.

It’s quick, but is it good?

In Draftica, each player is a Celtic chieftain assembling a tribe of 18 cards. Combinations of cards score points, and the player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Easy one this…

You get 9 cards, you draft right. You get another 9 cards, draft left. Work out your score from your 18 cards, most points wins.

7 of the 9 cards in your have are of the 4 suits, the other 2 cards are bonus cards that give you end game scoring.

Draftica Cards

The 0 cards are worth 0, the 5 are worth 5… The 15’s are worth 15 points if you have 6 of them in the same colour at the end of the round. In the same way, the 20’s are worth 20 if you have 9.

Cards also score for bonus points…

Drafica Special Cards

Here after my first game I collected more than 8 of the correct suit and scored 50 from my “Voice of Stones” card. I also got 20 for not collecting any of a certain suit from the ‘Fanatic of the Winds’ card.

Daraftica Special Cards

This Slaver card let me get 5 points per card I discarded and As I drafted a lot of terrible cards, I scored points for them 🙂

It’s an OK game, very quick. I’m not 100% sure on the rule for cards counting for multiple things for scoring. Why not discard all your cards to the Slaver AND Score then elsewhere?

It does seem like a ‘Shoot the Moon’ game where you just draft for the highest possible score despite it’s high risk and hope it pays off… If not you lose, no biggie it’s only been 5 minutes, play again.

Not a bad small card game though.

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