Gameday First Play – Dodekka

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Push your luck…

…and take ALL the cards.

Your goal is to collect the highest score from one element suit; Fire, Earth, Air, Water or Ether.

Game play is simple; Take a card or turn a card but keep an eye on the dodekka because if the total goes over 12 you might have to pick up all the cards and some of those elements will count against you.

Super fun and super quick to learn, Dodekka has elements of strategy, probability, maths and a tiny bit of luck.

That is pretty much it.

You start off with the deck in the middle of the table and 3 cards turned over in a row. On your turn you either turn over a card and add it to the end of the row, or you take the card closest to the deck and move the row up.

If you turn over a card and the row totals over 12, you take all the cards. Unless the card you turned over matches the value of the previous card then it sucks to be the next guy… so there is a bit of luck.

When the deck runs out, you pick a colour of cards in your hand, add up their values and give yourself -1 point for each other card in your hand.

Dodekka Game Play

Half way through a game and currently I have 5 total in Blue and 5 other cards, so my best score  right now is 0. Better get going!

It’s a fun one, a quick one and a cheap one. I bought it on my phone just after the second game, looking forward to playing it again.

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