Gameday First Play – Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg

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AKA “Coach-ride to Devil’s Castle…

Or “The Castle of the Devil” if you want it in English.

All players are passengers within a carriage that is rushing to Devil’s Castle. They each act as a member of a secret association, but no one knows who is friend and who is foe.

Yes, another hidden role deduction/bluffing etc game.

In this one we played 7 players, 4 red/3 blue with red needing to get 3 Goblets and Blue needing 2 keys.

Obviously roles are hidden and no one knows who is on which team.

You can find information out by successfully attacking, and trading items.

Attacking means you declare a target and each other player puts their character card Sword or Shield up to show which side they are on, highest wins. You get to look at their loyalty/role card.

Each player also has a hidden role that they can reveal for a once per game boost.

Trading means you pass an item and they MAY (unless the card says otherwise) accept the trade and give you something back. The cool thing about this is some items, when traded, allow you to draw more items. This makes the trades happen, giving you a reason to trade makes the game run well.

Anyway, eventually you think you’ve figured out who is on your team and name as many players as you want. If they are on your team AND you have enough Goblets/Keys between you, you win. If even one person is not on your team or you don’t have enough items, the other team wins.

Die Kutschfahrt zur Teufelsburg Gameplay


It’s a fairly decent game and you can get it for around £5.

But for me, I prefer the bluffing of a One Night Ultimate Werewolf or Avalon to a deduction style game like this, Wooolf! or Nosferatu.

Also, this game takes longer than it maybe should, like I feel Shadow Hunters does.

Still, different enough if you like these type of games.

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