Gameday First Play – Dead Last

In a true, one-time-only prisoner’s dilemma, it is as hard to justify cooperation as it is to accept mutual defection as the logical outcome. Therein lies the paradox.

~ Tuckers Anecdote, Page 122

Thematically, the inspiration for the game is one of the oldest pulp fiction/detective novel tropes: the Tontine, a financial investment that accrues, but pays out only to the last surviving member of the group. This practice is now largely illegal as it famously had the tendency to lead to murder.

In order to eliminate the competition, you need to identify them…

Each player gets a standee of their colour and a hand full of cards containing a card for each player colour in the game.


The trasure you’re fighting over is on cards… There is a big deck of cards numbered 3,4 and 5 and four are laid out face down…


That’s face DOWN…. 🙂

So now, players communicate for 90 seconds by any means necessary…  ANY means neccessary…

When the timer expires, players select a card of the player they are willing to eliminate.


The player/s who received the most votes is the Target, they are eliminated this round. Any player who did not vote for the Target is also eliminated so… Make sure you make friends during discussion 🙂

If you think you are going to receive the most votes, play your Ambush card.



If you are a Target and played the ambush card you get to eliminate 1 person who voted for you. If you played your Ambush and were not a Target, well, you just eliminated yourself 🙂

If there are 3 or more players remain, those players start a new round, If 1 player is left they take all 4 Gold bars.

If 2 players are left you go to a ‘Prisoner’s Dilemma’ style showdown. Each of these players get a set of 3 cards, Steal, Share, Grab 1… They discuss things for a bit, then simultaneously play a card… Which cards are played determines the outcome…

Share v Share – Both players take 2 cards
Share v Steal – The steal players gets all 4 cards
Grab v Steal – The Grab player takes one and the steal player gets the remaining 3
Grab v Share – The Grab player takes one and the share player gets the remaining 3
Grab v Grab – Both players get 1
Steal v Steal – Neither of the players get one, but EVERY OTHER PLAYER GETS ONE YOU GREEDY GREEDY PEOPLE! 🙂

Once a player reaches the target number of points they win.

This is a fun game, every card reveal causes lots of laughs and “OOO’s” and “Hey, what did I do to you?” 🙂

I think in our game the discussion didn’t effect car d play, some people where picking a card before a word was said but oh well, it was still fun.

I’ll try it again and hopefully the accusations will fly!


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