Gameday First Play – Dark, Darker, Darkest

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A cooperative survival horror boardgame…

Just another Zombie game.

You are a group of dudes in a labratory moving around rooms to find the code to the lab to get in to fight the big bad guy.

Dark Darker Darkest GameplayIt’s a co-op game so I spent most of the game being told what to do, it’s quite fiddly although it was our first play and it took over 3 hours. Not a fan.

I didn’t dislike everything…

Seperation Mechanic

If you’re altogether in the same room you all take a turn, then the Zombies take a turn, simple.

If you split into 2 rooms, Group 1 takes a turn, then the Zombies take a turn, then Group 2 takes a turn, then the Zomies take another turn. So splitting up is bad.

I think this is the best mechanic I’ve seen for splitting up groups. Computer Game Left 4 Dead is made to stop people wandering off and that really makes it stand out from other FPS games. This seperation mechanic does it too.

Dark Darker Darkest Board


To add to the seperation thing, the more of you there are in the same room the more defence dice you will have vs Zombie attacks.

You use your successful defence rolls to cancel out the Zombies successful attacks. They can deal damage, the more damage you take means you starts to have fewer action points per turn to use. Bites infect you which is HORRIBLE. They can als grab you which is very VERY hard to escape from.


Some rooms have cameras that can see down corridors. Ending your turn in view of a camera means somethign bad can happen. Although not amazing or unique, it was thematic.

You can image the big bad (I say big bad, it’s a mad Professor or one of his family) monitoring the cameras while hiding in his lab and making things happen to those he sees.


The fire is a lot like Flashpoint Fire Rescue when it can start, if it starts it spreads randomly. You can put it out, explosions can happen etc

It’s a good idea as it eventually starts sealing off rooms which adds to the tension.

Dark Darker Darkest Player Board

I didn’t HATE the game I just think I’d rather spend that amount of  time playing the more cartoony Zombicide or something like Arkham Horror.


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