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Forehead Detective, The Post-it Game, The Rizla Game…

With better bits…

Coyote is a simple bluffing game in a western setting. Every player gets a card (bound on his forehead by a fabric tape) showing a number of “hidden” Indians or a special value. You don’t know the value of your card, but you can see all the others. The object of the game is to guess how many Indians are shown on the cards, declaring an increasing number every turn. If you are caught over declaring, you lose.

That says everything really. It’s a Perudo type game that does it in a better way than similar games like Bluff Im Zoo and Skull and Roses.

This time you have a number in the shape of a feather you place in your headband without looking at it.

Coyote Bits


So you look at everyone’s card and the start player makes a guess… You’re trying to just not go over the total of all cards right now…

Then you go in clockwise order either raising the total or challenging.

If you challenge the previous player everyone reveals and totals the cards. If the last guess was over the total, they gain a tomahawk. If it’s under, the challenger gains one.

3 and you’re out, last person standing wins.

Most of the cards are 1-20 in various amounts, but there are special cards such as double the total and minus cards. Sucks if you get one! but that’s most of the fun really…

It is fun though and the headband/feathers add to the silliness. Shame the box is one of those really crappy cubes.

There is a pretty Japanese version out this year that is sure to come in a better sized box… tempting 🙂


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