Gameday First Play – Chaos in the Old World

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Ah, an Eric Lang dudes on a map game…

I’m sure this will be good…

Chaos in the Old World makes you a god. Each god’s distinctive powers and legion of followers grant you unique strengths and diabolical abilities with which to corrupt and enslave the Old World.

In this, you win by either scoring the most points after someone scores at least 50 and triggers the end game, or by spinning your dial until it says ‘You Win’.

Each player controls a faction of Chaos each with their own deck of cards, and powers.

Chaos in the Old World Slaanesh

I played Slaanesh because Purple. Everyone scores points in the same way really, by doing ‘stuff’. Slaanesh advance those dials you can turn to win by corrupting regions containing Nobles or Heroes.

Others do this in different ways such as Khorne, who do it by killing other players units…

Chaos in the Old World Dials

These dials gives you good stuff as they turn, such as upgrade cards which are really powerful. Thee can be used to gives you special powers or upgrade your units. This was important to me as upgrading the defence on my weakest and cheapest ‘Seductress’ units prevented the Khorne player from killing them easily and turning their dial.

Chaos in the Old World Upgrade

The game is played with cards and you have a handful you draw from a deck. This deck is purpose built for your faction.

Chaos in the Old World Cards

You have a number of points to spend. You Can pay the cost of a card to play it or summon people on the board. Once you have 0 points you can’t do anything. Once everyone has 0 points the ‘Summoning Phase’ ends and you go to combat.

Chaos in the Old World Board

This is done via dice, rolling equal to your strength and needing a number of hits which you divide among the defenders, killing them off.

After combat, the guys left on the board then work towards domination on the area they are in. You get points and add tokens to the regions of your faction and if a region gets too many tokens is becomes corrupted and can no longer be influenced in the game.

Chaos in the Old World Corruption

This is where you find out if you get to move your dial. Any region I put 2 tokens in that contained a Noble or Hero let me add a token to my dial.

Each person with a token spins the dial one notch, whoever got the most tokens spins it twice getting both revealed rewards.

That’s pretty much it, you play until you have a winner.

Chaos in the Old World Board

So, same designer as Blood Rage and VERY similar game play.

When being taught this game I felt like I already knew how to play it. The corruption, dials and movement were different, everything else was pretty much the same.

You draw cards from a specific deck rather than draft which means each faction has it’s focus, as well as it’s own little way to win the game.

Is it better than random cards and the freedom to do what you like? No, but it’s balanced better rather than being forced to be self balancing.

Overall I like this, and Blood Rage is growing on me when played with more than 3 but I like the structure more in Chaos in the Old World.

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