Gameday First Play – Challenge Night

Christmas/New Year Party Time!

Where bad gifts as presents come out to play.

I couldn’t find this game on-line for a box picture or quote…

So teams will take turns completing tasks to force members of the opposing team to take a block out an unbranded Jenga style Tower…

Challenge Night Jenga

The tasks are pretty cool actually…

Some are just ‘Take a Brick’ but others are quiz questions (Easy ones), actions (Hop on one leg for a minute), humming (as below) or drawing…

Challenge Night Hum or Take a Brick

There are also miming, but not hard ones…

Challenge Night Charades

Eventually someone will knock over the tower, the other teams win…

Challenge Night Jenga Tower

Decent party game to be fair… Some of the ‘Action cards are too silly… Impersonate a Chicken for 60 seconds?


To be fair, it’s not too bad for an after dinner party game.

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