Gameday First Play – Cards Against Humanity

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Not a game for everyone…

A SFW look at as NSFW game

A card game which involves a judge choosing a black question or fill-in-the-blank card. Each player holds a hand of ten cards at the beginning of each round, and each player contributes card(s) to the “card czar” anonymously. The card czar determines which card(s) are funniest in the context of the question or fill-in-the-blank card.

So yeah, everyone gets 10 white ‘Answer’ cards.

The start player or ‘Czar’ takes a black card and reads out the question.

Everyone hands in an answer card each, the Czar shuffles them and reads them out, and everyone laughs… or cringes…

The Czar picks a winner, they get the question card as an ‘Awesome Point’, everyone draws back up to 10 cards and the next player is the new Czar.

You play until you’re bored, or to a point total.

Cards Against Humanity

It IS a lot of fun but I like this kind of humour. We played with a good mix of people, all in to it, mostly strangers to each other.

We did laugh a lot playing the game, sometimes people couldn’t even finish reading out the answers due to laughing, it’s great, but…

  • It’s VERY American
  • After a few rounds, I had 8 cards in my hand I wasn’t sure how to use
  • It would get very old, very quickly
  • You need to be careful who is sat around you
  • It needs the right people

But, for now, it is something I’d play again.

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