Gameday First Play – Brotherhood of Steam

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“I tell you all the time, you will never be able to replace me with a brass and steam contraption.”

~ Maeve Alpin, As Timeless As Stone

A merchant’s job doesn’t consist of simply sitting around and earning money. Sometimes they need to sell their shirt to call for help from others. Sometimes they need to banter and fight for prices. And sometimes they have to swallow their tears and abandon all they have built. If you can overcome these hurdles, earn the trust of people and build up a fortune, then you will be a true master merchant.

That blurb is for the original version ‘Master Merchant’… This is all about assassination and stuff now after it’s re-theme.

Everyone starts the game with the same 2 cards… There are 10 piles of cards laid out on the table.


On your turn you play 2 cards either face down to gain a coin or face up for its ability. One of the two cards you start with gives you the ability to buy a card from the market which goes into your discard pile.

When your hand is empty, you pick up your discard pile into your hand and play 2 cards again…

This continues until a player has either 8 coins, or 8 different cards.

It’s not too bad for a game with around 30 cards… It’s deck builderish but it’s not a deck builder and the abilities are interesting enough that the game stays exciting.

But there aren’t many and you have you favourites and game to game you may try the same thing.

From the creator of Love Letter, as interesting as that but maybe not as long lasting.

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