Gameday First Play – Broom Service: The Card Game

“Flying used to be fun until I started doing it for a living.”

~ Kiki

Broom Service: The Card Game focuses on the brave/cowardly mechanism used in the Broom Service board game.

That’s exactly what it is, the good bit of Broom Service the Board Game.

There are a number of cards laid out depending on the player count that are the main aim of the players… To get a number of potions that match all the potions on a card before anyone else.

Each player has a deck of Witch cards each with Brave (3 potions) on one end and Cowardly (1 potion) on the other. The Witches are different colours depending on the potion they specialise in.

Players pick 3 cards out their deck and start the game. The start player picks a card and declares Cowardly or Brave, orientating the card appropriately.

Then, in turn order, players play a matching colour Witch if they have one (If they don’t they just say ‘Next’)and again declare Brave or Cowardly. If they say Brave, any previously played Brave Witch this round is turned face down.

When all players have played, the face up cards are added to the players play area in the orientation they were played. Brave facing you, Cowardly upside-down.

It’s at this point you check the potions you have played to see if they meet the criteria for a bonus card. If so, you take it. If multiple players win a card at the same time, one player gets it and the other takes a spare card from that deck as a reminder of the points they scored.

The last player that played a Brave card starts a new round. If that player doesn’t have any cards left the start player moves clockwise.

After everyone has played all of their cards, players draw 3 into their deck and choose 3 new cards to play in the next round.

This continues until 4 rounds have been completed.

You score 5 points for each bonus card you took plus points for sets of the different kinds of potions. You also score points for Brave Witches you have at the end of the game. Most points wins.


Very quick and easy.

Very clear cards, you can easily see what players have played across the table.

You have the best part of Broom Service and lose the rest for quicker game.


You ONLY have the best part of Broom Service, but you lose the rest which is still pretty good. Where’s my Weather Fairy?! 🙂

You use certain colour Witch cards for certain player counts which means lots of sorting at the end of the game and a lot of shuffling at the beginning.


Not a bad filler, a little fiddly to setup  but a good alternative to the bigger, longer board game.

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