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Build buildings with dice.

Not a game for a pedantic structural engineer.

In Blueprints, players are architects who must use different coloured dice to build three different structures from blueprints, with the dice providing different advantages to you.

It’s a really simple game…

You look at your blueprint

Each turn, you pull a dice out of the bag, roll it and then choose a die from one of the many in the middle of the table and place it in your building

After doing this 6 times, with 6 dice, everyone reveals their buildings, counts their points and distributes awards and prizes.

Blueprint Player Area

When building, there are a couple of simple things that make this game really fun.

Each colour dice have a different ‘ability’ which scores points in different ways.  You’re not just slamming dice down there. Matching the pattern is one thing, but  thinking ahead to put the right dice in the right place is fun.

The other thing is when building upwards, the dice on top has to have a higher value than the one you’re placing it on.

You also need to consider scoring…

Blueprint Points Cards

You play 3 rounds scoring the points that your building is worth. But the points aren’t your score. This is just a way to compare your building with the other players to score 3,2 or 1 end game points. So the most you can get from your building and correct dice positioning is 9 points. (Which I did, just saying! :))

I said positioning dice in the right place to score points was fun? Well there are bonus points too which really adds to this. If you play 5 of the same type, 4 of the same value or all 6 with a different value you score a bonus 2 points.

You can also build a tower 5 high for a 2 point bonus. (Sounds easy but remember you need your dice to increase in value for each step up you take)

This was a nice fun game that I’m looking forward to playing again.

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