Gameday First Play – Bigfoot

‘I split you choose’ is the mechanic of this game.

Bigfoot – Fact or Fiction?  (That’s a joke for the Magic players)

A quick playing card game for two where Bigfoot and the clever Cryptozoologist attempt to outwit each other! Will Bigfoot’s hideaways be discovered, leaving him with nowhere to go, or will the Cryptozoologist be left frustrated?

One player (me) is Bigfoot, the other the Cryptozoologist.

Bigfoot has 5 random Lair cards from a selection of about 10, each with 2 terrain symbols. The Cryptozoologist will draw 6 cards from a deck and split them into two piles, or ‘paths’. These cards are traps (like cameras etc) or action cards. Action cards are split in half with one half belonging to each player.

The Bigfoot player chooses a path. The action cards in the path not chosen go to the Cryptozoologist.

The action cards in the path chosen go to Bigfoot but the he will have to leave clues for each trap card down that path.

Some trap cards need you to put a token on them for each Lair they mention that you have. They list 3 so you can give away quite a bit here.

Some traps need a token for each terrain they show.

Bigfoot Cards

After this information the Cryptozoologist can make a Guess. They are guessing a Lair to eliminate it from the Bigfoot players hand.

If correct they take it, and can discard an action card to make a second guess.

If wrong, they flip over their character card to ‘Shamed’ and one more incorrect guess means they lose. There is an action card they can play to flip it back over.

The Bigfoot can flip over his card to remove a trap card and can play a ‘rest’ card to flip it back.

After 6 rounds, if all of the Bigfoots Lair have been found the Cryptozoologist wins, otherwise Bigfoot wins.

This was a nice quick game that merits more plays.

I won on a technicality really. I ran the Cryptozoologist out of cards so he couldn’t make enough guesses late game even though he’d figured it out.

Not one I would own (2 player only) but one of those games that would be nice to have around for those of us that turn up an hour early to game days 🙂

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