Gameday First Play – 6d6

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The afternoon at Con-Quest left us with a few options but we decided to play a 6d6 fantasy adventure.

I own 6d6 but we haven’t got around to playing it yet. I thought it would be a good way for everyone to learn the system.

But they changed it…

Before it was based on a card game, now it’s on a sheet with tokens…

Drax the Chain 6d6

My character was called Drax the Chain… He has a Chain. I usually play the ‘Rogue’ type character (obviously) but there wasn’t one, so I played this guy.

He as big and not much survived a chain to the face 😀

In the old version you used cards and switched them in and out of your active pile but as game designer Chris Tregenza told us many people were not wanting to print the cards out.

So now it involves assigning tokens to the skills on a skill sheet and moving the tokens off it. Not as cool I feel but the game was fun.

I won’t go into the plot in case you are lucky enough to play it but it was a lot of fun. The system is simple and enjoyable and allows for as much or as little roleplay as your group wants.

My advice is to give 6d6 a go.


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