Gameday 100th Play – Space Crusade

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I don’t usually talk about games I have already played but I’m making a special case for this game.

One of my faves from my childhood.

SPACE CRUSADE is a cooperative effort between Milton Bradley UK and Games Workshop. It takes the role-playing elements from Milton Bradley’s HEROQUEST and merges them with Game Workshop’s dark vision of the future.

So this has the ‘Simplicity is Genius” tag that so many games fail to use. Yeah it’s old now but this was released at a time of Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons so it was easy to make an overly complex game.

This is a 1 vs 3 game where one controls Chaos and 3 control 3 different squads of Space Marines. Its very simple, move and fire or fire and move. Dice rolling for combat and a ‘Your Roll vs My Roll’ system for hand-to-hand.

The bad guys are trying to stop you completing a mission while the Marines are moving around the map trying to do whatever they have to do to win.

Space Crusade Bad Guys

Above is an area of the board where the bad guys have control, including the awesome, huge Dreadnought. Below you see the Imperial Fists (Yellow) and Blood Angels (Red) controlled by me moving through.

Space Crusade Board

I love this game. I played this straight after Galaxy Defenders which is brand new and I preferred this (Although I didn’t have a very good experience with that other game. I preferred it to Heroquest back in the day and I prefer it to most similar today (Either minis games, sci fi games or Dungeon Crawl games.)

Would love to see a new release of this with updated components, cards, scenarios etc

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