Fave 5 Penny Arcade: Rumble in R’lyeh Cards

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I looked at my Fave 5 cards from Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil

Now I’m going to do the same for the standalone expansion and unsurprisingly it’s dominated by the new Gold cards.

5 – Spectral Worm

+2 Power, draw a card. Nice when you combo a few of these in a turn.

My Friend Wyrmidon

4 – MagiQuest Merchant

+3 Tokens is great, but then you get to delete a card from your hand or discard pile!

Deleting is HUGE in this game and getting to do it as a passive ability is awesome.

The Opposite of Riches

3 – Diabolus

This is a cheap card, just 3 of each colour. So gaining 1 of each colour when played is cool.

So being able to draw a card after you play it is very strong and you can start to chain them like Spectral Worm, or even WITH Spectral Worm.

He is the Onyx Obelisk

2 – Mage Fish

As with Diabolus, this is a cheap card that gives you one of each back but then allows you to draw a card.

But because you MAY delete the top card of your deck this makes it even better. You get to look at it and decide if you want it. Then maybe play a Spectral Worm/Diabolus to draw it up.

He is Endlessly Oceanic

1 – Gabe’s Gross Mouth

It costs 4 of each colour so it’s expensive… But being able to delete a card AFTER YOU PLAY IT is awesome! Usually you have to ditch a crappy card but this card lets you get 1 Token from that Quarter before deleting it. Very good card.

Gabes Gross Mouth

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