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Penny Arcade: Gamers vs Evil is a deck building game from Cryptozoic.

It’s pretty basic an would make an excellent gateway game to get some people you know into playing Deck Builders.

What are Deck Building Games? (Skip if you know this already!)

A deck building game consists of each player starting with a similar deck of 10-12 terrible cards, they draw 5-6 and can use those cards to ‘buy’ better cards. The cards they can buy are from a centralised pool, face up in the middle of the table. At the end of your turn you then discard your hand and any cards you bought and draw up to your maximum hand size again.

When you run out of cards to draw from, you shuffle your discard pile to form a new deck. This new deck will have your original terrible cards AND the new good cards you bought, increasing the value of each hand you draw.

Each turn you can buy better and better cards with the aim to reach a particular goal which is usually to defeat some kind of enemy.

In most deck building games, the cards you buy or/and the enemies you defeat have a points value. At the end of the game you add up all the points from all the cards you finish with. Whoever has the most wins.

As these centralised piles are usually randomised each game, the games offer something different each time you play. Also, some deck building games give you a character card with a different ability for added replayability.

The guys at Cryptozic have a good series of videos that explains the Penny Arcade version of a Deck Building game well.

I said this is a gateway game, but it’s not for the young, it is a ’15 and up’ and any readers of the Penny Arcade web comic will know why.

Anyway, I’m not here to review it, I’m just here to give my opinion on my 5 favourite cards from this game. I’m not taking into account any particular character card, or any other variable. I’m just taking each card as face value.

5 -Giant Cupcake

Taken from this comic, The Giant Cupcake costs 2 power and the next turn you draw it you can delete it to gain a red card cost 4 or less.

So it slows you down short term but eventually you get a nice little bonus. I quite enjoy being able to buy 2 of these on the first turn, or even 3 on the first cycle of the deck with the right character.

Being able to get a couple of Div’s or a pair of Scrotuum’s (Ha!) earlier than should be allowed sets up the rest of the game nicely.

4 -TouchWieners

Card drawing is important in most card games, even if it means letting your opponent draw one too.

TouchWieners Penny Arcade Gamers vs Evil


Costing 4 Tokens and giving you 2 isn’t too bad. But the card drawing, and asking “Would anyone like to Touch Weiners?” A very Penny Arcade thing to do.

3 -Sorcelator

1 Token, 1 Power, Draw a card… Awesome

Sorcelator Penny Arcade Gamers vs Evil

Read the mini-series starting here

2 -Werewolf with a Top Hat

3 Tokens and 3 Power with one card. Still a good card to buy even if you’re not going for both Tokens and Power.

My Wolf of the Year

1 – Faerie Candymancer

Card drawing has always been a big thing in cards games, pretty much the most important thing. The more cards you have, the more options. But deck building games mean the smaller your deck, the better chance you have of drawing a good hand. Being able to delete cards, especially the starting cards, is a great thing.

Faerie Candymancer allows you to delete a card from your hand every time you play it, thinning your deck each time. That ability on it’s own would be good, but add in the 2 Tokens AND the bonus from deleting a Pax Pox… My Fave card.

Faerie Candymancer Penny Arcade Gamers vs Evil



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