Fave 5 Classes from Small World

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Hard to describe Small World without using the word “Risk”.

Rather than try to explain it and just say “It’s Risk but less serious” I’ll show you the video that brought it to my attention and made me buy it almost immediately.

I have to admit the set up and tear down time is loooong so I maybe haven’t played it as much as I’d like. When you compare it to other games I have available to me and compare the time it takes to set up, Arkham Horror aside, it’s a slow one.

That said I do like playing it, losing can be very unfun (As in you see you’re getting crushed and can’t find a way back) so try not to put yourself in that position. Apart from that, play it, enjoy it, have fun, kick ass and experiment!

Class selection in Small World can be situational and can also depend on the ability attached to them for that game. This fave 5 will take them at face value without any other considerations.

 5 – Elves

Why? They don’t die!

Smallworld Elves

Instead of returning an elf back to the box when someone conquers your region, you get to put it back into play at the end of that players turn! This allows you to strengthen your remaining territories before the next player attacks. Very handy.

4 – Trolls

Why? Lairs

Smallworld Trolls


A Troll’s Lair adds +1 defence to each region you capture, up to a maximum of the number of Lairs in the box. BUT! They stay in play AFTER the Troll’s have gone into decline giving each in decline region +1 defence too! Every little helps.

3 – Orcs

Why? Bonus Victory Coins

Smallworld Orcs


When you conquer a non-empty region you get bonus victory coins at the end of the turn. Handy if someone has spread themselves a little thing at the beginning  more handy once a few races have gone into decline.

2 – Ghouls

Why? In decline play

Smallworld Ghouls


Having a race in decline is usually just points sitting there that your opponent eventually gobbles up. The Ghouls can attack while in decline and you leave them all on the board after going in decline too. 2 turns for the price of 1.

1 – Amazons

Why? Attacking boost

Smallworld Amazons


The Amazons have 4 extra to attack with each turn, but they must be removed from the map at the end of the deployment phase. It just means you can attack 1 or 2 extra territories in your turn for a couple of extra points. Great first pick and also great mid-game and end-game when there are a lot of in decline races.

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