Fave 3 DC Comics Deck Building Game Characters

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The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring Deck building game is out this week so I thought I’d give my view on it’s Cerberus system sister.

Cryptozoic know how to make a very fun yet basic Deck Building game, DC Comics Deck Building Game is definitely one of them.

Thematically, it’s not great. ‘Kick’ is a superpower that you have to punch 3 times to get. If you can’t get over that, don’t play it. But, game play is fun and varied and trying different things is… well it’s fairly restrictive. If your character is Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman you’re pretty much going to buy the best Equipment, Super Power or Villain respectively as you can afford on each turn.

Having said that, you can ‘build a deck’ pretty well and try to get a good engine going. It does come down to a bit of luck if the cards your character needs will be available to you.

If you have the choice you need on your turn, you buy it if you don’t you’re a bit screwed. But then you could argue that the player who can use THOSE turns the best is the one that can/should win the game, and often does.

But before you can win you have to pick a Superhero to represent you, here are my Fave 3 to choose from.

(I’m not including Martian Manhunter who is a promo that we currently do not have)

3 – Superman

I love Superman because you almost certainly defeat Ra’s al Ghul first due to having +1 for each different SuperPower you play. That ‘Kick’ you can buy is worth 3 when you play it. Ra’s al Ghul is 8 which means you only need 5 from 4 cards. If one of those is another SuperPower you usually only need 2 Power from 3 cards. Quite easy.

 Superman Character Card from DC Deck Building Game

Although defeating Ra’s al Ghul first doesn’t mean you win the game, it puts you well on the way to doing so.

 2 – Batman

Equipment cards are pretty strong in DC Deck Builder, so getting +1 Power from ALL the Equipment cards you play is insane.

Batman Character Card from the DC Deck Building Game

Seeing as equipment cards let you do awesome things such as return a Hero from your discard pile, take 2 off the cost of defeating a Super Villain or putting cards you buy tot he top of your deck, the additional +1 Power makes them even better.

1 – Cyborg

Cyborg gives you +1 for playing a SuperPower and allows you to draw a card for playing an Equipment.

Two Bonuses for the price of one.

Cyborg DC Deck Building Game Character Card

While neither are as strong as Superman’s or Batman’s ability individually, the added flexibility of gaining bonuses from both types of card is great.

It also means I get the bonus from two of my fave cards in the game, ‘Nth Metal’ and ‘Heat Vision’. (I like to delete)

If I get the choice, I will usually pick Cyborg.

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