Fave 10 Games from Essen Spiel 2013

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I played about 25 games at Essen, 23 games I consider to be good or better. (Yes, 2 were not good at all) These are my favourite 10 games I played at Essen Spiel 2013 is descending order.

10 Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends

A 2-4 player solo or team game where you make patterns on a board to summon cards from your hand to play abilities and score points. It’s a good game but I’m not sure when I would want to play it so I didn’t pick it up.

Tash Kalar

9 Blood Bound

A Vampire themed bluffing and deduction game. This is pretty quick to play so will see play every so often. It was only available in German at Essen so I picked this up when I got back home.

Blood Bound

8 Bluff Im Zoo

A fun and cute bluffing game similar to a card game version of Liars Dice. Glad to have a copy of this in my gaming group.

Bluff Im Zoo

7 Quantum

An area control dice game where your Dice are Space Ships with abilities and statistics based on their pips. Might pick this up one day if I can get it cheaply as it’s current price is a bit expensive.


6 One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A great way to play Werewolf using thick cardboard tokens as roles and just one round of bluffing, lying, deduction and finger pointing. Can’t wait for Bezier Games to print their version with the Ted Alspach influence in 2014.

One Night Werewolf

5 Ebbes

A trick taking game where the ability cards change round to round giving you an extra level to think about. Again, glad to have a copy of this in my group.


4 Coal Baron

A fun Euro of mining and delivering coal. Lot’s of mechanics with set collection, worker placement and tile placement to mention a few. Lot’s in there but it all works together well. I did want to pick this up but I thought the theme would not appeal to my gaming group but the game itself is excellent.

Coal Baron

3 Glass Road

A typical Uwe Rosenberg game with a very nice mechanic for resource management. One I will definitely play over and over. I would buy this but again, the theme isn’t a very good fit.

Glass Road

2 Trains and Stations

Dice Rolling and Route Building. The dice are used well in this small game as they are used to build trains, make money and build buildings. Played it and bought it straight away.

Trains and Stations

1 Om Nom Nom

A very fun game of food chains. Play cards to eat as much as you can without being eaten yourself. A very fun game of bluffing and laughs, especially when everyone psychs each other out! Played it, bought it, love it.

Om Nom Nom

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