Essen 2017 – Warstones

Posted on by Jesta

Flick and Fight and Beige Towers on a cloth playmat

Build your army and flick them out to war!

Warstones is a tactical army-building game, with a dexterity mechanism at its core. Choose your units, deploy them on the battlefield, then flick… eh… lead them! Control key areas to gain victory points, defeat enemy units or just push away the strongest. Dexterity is just one of the countless features of Warstones. Army building provides a lot of options and flexibility, so even if you don’t believe in your flicking skills, don’t worry! There are different kinds of armies, and plenty of room for customization; you will find the army that works for you!

This is an overview of the game along with my positives and negatives.

~ Jesta

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