Essen 2017 – Vortex

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Abstract Alert!

Nah, just kidding. A lack of theme doesn’t mean a lack of fun, this one is worth checking out.

Vortex is the fun board game to play with family and friends. Place the routers and the controllers and try to be the first to get to the other side of the board.

This is an interesting system where disks called ‘Routers’ are on lift and twist style disks called ‘Controllers’.

Lifting a Controller lifts 6 plates which hold the Routers and can be rotated. But the controllers overlap by 2 plates and interconnect so, for example, turning the centre controller affects the 6 controllers around it.

There are lots of different games you can play from 1-6 players. We played a 3 player game called ‘Crossing’ with the designer Hans Beeftink.

Players start with 6 Routers, on a Controller on their end of the board so the 3 players are set up in a Triangle. The goal is to pass the Routers from Controller to Controller to get all 6 Routers onto the Controller on the other side of the board.

As we were all set up in a triangle eventually we all met in the middle.

You can only move a Controller, clockwise or anti-clockwise, if you have the most or joint most Routers on it.

The first player to get their Routers to the other side of the board wins.

This is a very thinky, VERY clever abstract with a unique and ingenious board mechanism.

If you like abstracts I’m sure you’ll love this.

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