Essen 2017 – Killing Code: Venice Vendetta

Posted on by Jesta

I got to play Killing Code: Venice Vendetta at Essen 2017…

A 1 vs Many deduction style game? Sounds pretty cool…

Killing Code: Venice Vendetta┬áis a cooperative reasoning game in which the players must work together to discover the identity of a killer in the city before it is too late. One player acts as the killer, secretly assuming the identity of one of the citizens of Venice and looking for opportunities to kill some of the others. The other players act together to unmask the killer’s identity. Within the round limit, the killer must keep their identity hidden and complete their killings, while the other players must investigate the murder methods to discover clues leading to the killer’s unmasking and stop these atrocities.

This is a brief overview of the game along with my positives and negatives.

~ Jesta

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