Essen 2016 – Virus

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A fast real time game.

VERY fast!

A frightening virus, Virus Q, is spreading in the major cities of the planet. Infected people and animals change rapidly, becoming horrible bloodthirsty and almost unstoppable creatures. Our only hope is to find the zero patient and the place where everything originated. There, perhaps, we can find an antidote and return the hope to the dying humanity.

So is another real time game where you only have 40 seconds to take actions and there are TWELVE of them!

<Image of Action List Coming Soon>

Mostly you’ll be exploring and moving by placing tiles so you can get around and find the cure to the Virus.

<Image of Map Coming Soon>

Eventually you’ll have to get into combat and to do this you throw cubes onto a board. You take an action cube and a number of bullets and throw them onto your board which has a number of squares on it.

<Image of Combat Coming Soon>

Each cube you throw that touches a square counts as a hit and you distribute the damage… Some enemies dodge or have more than 1 health and you need to do all this, as one action, in 40 seconds…

The baddies follow you around like Zombicide

<Image of Enemies coming soon>

Chasing you if they see you or following your trail of cubes you left behind by exploring if they can’t.

Eventually you’ll find clues to where you need to go to do what you need to do to win the mission.

It’s OK… I’m not sure we played it 100% correctly so I look forward to playing it again. I did take away that it was hard but the quick time limit was great. It really felt you had to sacrifice movement for combat… Taking a shot at the baddies can take 10 seconds and that’s forever in this game!

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