Essen 2016 – Project: ELITE

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A co-op real time dice game…

…and all the minis!

In a post apocalyptic scenery, an alien civilisation has invaded Earth. Players work together as part of a special ops team with the code name “ELITE”. They are dispatched to high priority missions protecting objectives and defending vital targets against the alien invaders.

You have a mission to complete and each player takes control of a character with an ability and you get some equipment. The guns and equipment all work differently which is pretty cool.

<Image of Character and Equipment coming soon>

So you have short, timed periods of rolling dice and taking action, like Escape: The Curse of the Temple except you have 2 minutes then stop, you’re not rolling all game.

The dice have symbols and need to be moved onto your equipment before activating and then must be re-rolled before those dice as used again.


If you roll one of those Red Skull things you need to move one of the bad guys… They move down a track following the arrows on the board.

You choose who to move so you can move them into position for you to shoot, but you might accidentally block what one of you team was going to do… you don’t have time to discuss a plan…


So eventually you either win or lose a scenario…

Lots of variation in equipment, scenarios, enemies and probably a tonne of stuff I don;t know about. Loads of expansions too!

VERY fun game, no need to play one of the ‘Escape’ titles again.

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