Essen 2016 – Perfect Crime

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Do your best to rob as much as you can from a Bank.

If you can’t rob the┬ábank, be the Bank.

Perfect Crime is an asymmetrical, modern day, tower defence-style bank robbery game with hidden information and tons of tension that’s based on heists both real and imagined.

In this game of Robbing a bank, one player is the bank and the rest are Robbers trying to steal from it.

<Image of Character Card Coming Soon>

The Robbers are planning by equipping their guys to deal with the upcoming locks, cameras and guards etc they will come across as they break in.

But as these locks and things are hidden information (face down) you need to ‘Scout’ the bank to see what you’re up against.


This is done by moving a meeple around the bank while the guards move along a track. The Bank player has some control and some abilities they can play.

<Image of Guard in Bank Coming Soon>

When the Robbers are ready they can go for the robbery… When they do this is up to them but the longer they take to prepare, the longer the bank has to get their stuff together and improve their locks, equip the guards etc.

<Image of Banks Upgrade Bits Coming Soon>

I was late to the demo and missed a lot of the rules overview but the game seemed pretty fun and quite tense, especially when the Police show up!

If you leave equipment behind (you often have to drop it to carry loot) or get seen etc you give clues to the bank that they can spend to do things.

Good game, love the ‘Blueprint’ look. Wouldn’t mind playing this fully.

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