Essen 2016 – Master of Orion

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Based a PC game I’ve never heard of.

A tableau builder in spaaaaaaaace.

You will lead one of the races that will face each other in the outer space confrontation. Destinies of secretive Darloks, genius Psilons, universal humans and many others will depend on your actions. Manage your resources skillfully and wisely and lead the development of a chosen race in the right direction. You can progress by either military means, training your spies and attacking alien planets, or choose the path of creation, controlling the weather and building space fleets.

This is a quite simple game.

Everyone has a player board representing a different race with it’s own ability.

<Image of Player Board Coming Soon>

You start the game with a number of resources which determines how many actions you have each round.  If you have a few resources you get fewer actions but you gain popularity, too many resources and you get MORE actions but lose it.

Popularity is a track that goes from 0 to 10 and it’s worth that many points at the end of the game so any gain and loss is important.

Next players take turns spending their actions cubes to do things.

Actions involve building buildings and activating those buildings. Buildings require resources but can also give you resources as income. You’re only allowed 4 ‘System’s (stacks of cards) so if you have more than 4 cards, or you just want to, you can stack cards on top of each other. Covering a building doesn’t take away its resource income, but does cover its ability.


You can increase your popularity, draw cards, exchange resources and attack players. Attack is based on one resource and you gain points and lower your opponent’s popularity.

You can also trade cards in your hand for one of the contracts on the table.


These give you special abilities, some permanent, some you need to activate. You can only have one of these and if you want another you have to swap in and out.


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