Essen 2016 – Light of Dragons

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A tactical dice game played on a board.

No rolling required

Enter a fascinating fantasy world in which mystical tribes are torn apart by internal strife. Fierce power struggles and cunning strategies lead to epic confrontations deciding who has total supremacy in the Warring Lands.

In this game, players have 3 dice of set sides and either end of a board set to sides 5,2 and 3. Each side of a die represents a different creature in this world.

<Image of Board Setup Coming Soon>

On your turn you move your a die or use a power. If you move a die onto an opponents die of a lower value you take it and score points equal to the value of that die. You can also level up a die by spinning it up a level.

The 1 are the weakest but if you have 3 connected orthogonally they form an unbreakable wall.

The 2 moves 2 spaces and can move through creatures. If it moves through an opponents creature  that creature loses a level. Also, if this creature is defeated the creature that defeated it loses 2 levels.

A 3 can split into 3 1’s. by adding dice from your reserve. It can also take a 6 with a 6 being a Dragon and a 3 being a Dragon Slayer.

A 4 can let you remove dice from your supply to increase the level of dice depending on the number of 4’s you control.

A 5 always moves diagonally and if it defeats a creature, it can attack or move again.

A 6 can split into 2 3’s, but each round you score 1 victory point for each Dragon you have in excess of your opponent.

<Image of Game in Progress Coming Soon>

First to 10 points wins.

A fun easy game to play. Like a Chess and Quantum combined with a fantasy theme.

Not too bad.

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2 Responses to Essen 2016 – Light of Dragons

  1. Bujar Haskaj says:

    Hi Jesta

    I never seen your Review, sorry about that :S
    A big thanks for it, i like it how you write, short but rich in Content! if it is ok for you, i would put it on our Website, we are working on a summary of Reviews. So we would publish there a link from your Webpage.

    Just a littel Thing i have to correct, if it is posibel for you. You write in the Title “Roots of Mali”, but the game you explain is “Light of Dragons” it our first game you played. Roots of Mali is an stand alone Expansion, which you can Combine with Light of Dragons.

  2. Jesta says:

    Yes no problem.

    I’ve also changed the name of the game, thanks!

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