Essen 2016 – Hero Realms

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A Kickstarter I backed that I picked up at Essen.

I was looking forward to it too

Hero Realms is a fantasy-themed deck-building game that is an adaptation of the award-winning Star Realms game. The game includes basic rules for two-player games, along with rules for multiplayer formats such as Free-For-All, Hunter, and Hydra.

As the blurb says it’s based on Star Realms but instead of space ships and things it’s Orcs and Thieves and Daggers and Magic etc… I prefer that.

We played a 2 player fight where you both start with 50 life and you try to get your opponent down to zero.

The cards have 3 resources on them of various values… Attack to deal damage, gold to spend on new cards and potions to heal health.

The game players out in a standard deck building way with 5 cards laid out and you use gold to buy them.

The cards are based on 4 colours, or factions or whatever they are and a lot of the cards give a bonus if you play a  card of that faction in the same turn.

In Star Realms you have Bases that stay out and in Hero Realms you have Champions that can act as a barrier between your opponent and your life total. They also give you an ability you can use every round.

It’s a good game, so good, and quick, that I forgot to take pictures… oops!

The interesting part will be when I get to play the campaign mode where you have a persistent deck over several games vs game control enemies and stories.

But for now I’m happy just laying the smack-down on whoever will play. 🙂

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