Essen 2016 – The Football Game

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Not ‘A’ Football Game

‘THE’ Football Game

The Football Game is a much about the football narrative as it is about winning. It captures the rivalries, the excitement, the back-page headlines, the stars, the emotion, humour and the occasional insanity and scandal of football both on and off the pitch.

In this game you start with a random squad of players represented by cards and each player has a value of 1-5. So with everyone starting squad being different how can it be fair?

Well, the point of the game is to exceed the fans expectations. So the total of your starting squad puts you a ‘Class’ (Title Contender, Relegation Candidate etc) and it’s where you finish in the League relevant to your Class is how many points you will score at the end of the game.

<Image of Scoring Card coming soon>

Also, during the game you have a chance to ‘Scout’ to look for better players and can sell the ones you have and buy new ones.

You also have a manager which has an ability (active or passive) and also tells you how many cards you hold. This represents the Managers ability so the more cards you have the more you can effect the games you’re going to play.

<Image of Cards coming soon>

Before each round players have the opportunity to play these cards and the ‘football games’ are simulated via dice rolls. One player will roll 4 dice, 2 D6’s and 2 D12’s

The D6’s effect everyone and contains colours that match the colours found on the footballer cards. For each card that matches one of the dice that player is said to have scored and their value is added to your total when it’s time to score.

<Image of Player Board coming soon>

If the same colour is rolled on both dice, only that colour scores but you count them twice.

You then have a chance to play cards to try and manipulate this final total and the total you have will decide if you go up or down in the league.

<Image of League Table coming soon>

The D12’s effect the active player and can have negative consequences for their squad. Some cost money, some change the form of a player etc from event cards drawn from a deck. Other effect players depending on which slot they’re in. Some take a knock or get injured meaning you need to move them from your team to a different area.

<Image of Injured Players coming soon>

So you play over a few rounds and score points, most wins.

It’s very good and very thematic. I messed up where I was near the top of the league so I pushed, sold too many players to buy a good one, got a couple of injuries and didn’t have enough player out on my board 🙂 I sunk down the league quickly.

I think the whole game comes together great and will appeal to Football fans a lot, and the general simplicity will appeal to non-football fans.

Backed this on Kickstarter as soon as I got back to the hotel and i look forward to getting it next year.

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