Essen 2015 – WWE Superstar Showdown

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A programming, wresting card and miniatures game?

Where was this 15 years ago?!

So yeah… Pick a guy, shuffle their deck, draw some cards.

You program 3 out and simultaneously reveal in order with your opponent.

Each card is a type and they work in a Rock, Paper, Scissors fashion with manoeuvre beating Grapple, Grapple beating Strike and Strike beating manoeuvre.

WWE Supertsar Showdown Board

The winner activates their card. There are various things a card lets you do like move, use the ropes, climb the turn-buckle and, of course, attack.

You have block cards to block with but damage comes off your deck…

When you pin someone it’s fun. You can play a block (kick-out card from your hand if not you reveal them from your deck trying to find one counting one at a time One, Two, Three.. It’s tense and fun.

WWE Superstar Showdown Cards

The game overall is fun, and fairly thematic considering…

But who will play this with me? Sadly it’s a great game 15 years too late for me.

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