Essen 2015 – Rush & Bash

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Driving and Shooting.

Mario Kart the board game!

This is a first past the post game, it’s a pure race…

You use cards from your hand to move down the track in a straight line. Some cards let you move left or right, drop bombs, fire missiles, give you bonus power etc

Rush and Bash Board

Get hit by a missile or run into a bomb or rock (randomly placed on the board) you take damage. Take 3 damage and you go back to a checkpoint.

Each round turns are taken from first to last, then you draw. What you draw it depends what position you’re in. The further back you are, the ‘better’ cards you like the catch up mechanism you see in these computer game versions of combat racing games.

Each car has different abilities and you can activate it by spending bonus power.

Some parts of the track have events that can be triggered like a Volcano for example.

Rush and Bash Volcano

It’s really good fun. It’s hard to describe how much it was and that was with 2 players, with 6 players it will be insane!

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