Essen 2015 – Monster My Neighbour

Posted on by Jesta

Hidden roles with cards.

Read the cards properly though!

So each player gets 4 cards and plays on on their turn.

Most of these cards are Gossip or Rumour or Fog… these involve players shuffling and redistributing cards or passing cards around etc

But there are Friends, Hunters, Hiding Places and of course, a Monster.

The Monster is randomly picked from a selection of 5 and if you hold the Monster card, you are the monster. Each is different with a different ability that you need to read carefully or you mess the game up like I did 🙂

Images coming soon!

The friend cards win if the monster wins.

Hunters can catch the monster.

Hiding places can help the Monster hide from the Hunter.

If the Monster plays their card the Monster player, and their friends, win.

Otherwise, the Hunter wins.

It’s very fun and simple and just random enough that it requires tactical play. But as I mentioned you do have to read the cards properly to play it right.

I picked this one up so will be playing it more.

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