Essen 2015 – Kenjin

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Battle over battlefields.

Smash Up, but better?

We played a 2 player game so you lay out 4 battlefields from a stack of quite a few. Each battlefield has an ability…

Each player has a deck of the same cards of warriors and you take turns playing them out, assigning them to a battlefield. Some are played face up, some face down. Some have abilities you activate when you put them into play.

When all cards are played you go through each battlefield, reveal all the cards (some have abilities here) and see who has the most strength. Whoever does ‘wins’ that battlefield.

Kenjin at Essen

Image stolen from Board Game Geek

Each battlefield is worth points, you also have some Warriors that have end game scoring too.

Most points wins.

It’s fun… but in a 3-4 player game you’re playing with 2 battlefields to each player wither side of you which I think will add a lot to the game.

Looking forward to playing with more players.

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