Essen 2015 – Joraku

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Trick Taking AND Area Control?

Could go either way.

Spoiler: It’s great.

The board is divided up into 7 sections. You get a card numbered 1-6 to show where your Daimyo starts on the board.

Joraku Board

Everyone draws 4-5 cards depending on player numbers and passes 2 to the left.

Then each player plays a card in a typical trick taking way. Must follow suit if possible etc

But the card you play will allow you to either add Samurai to the board, move your samurai or kill samurai if they are in the same area as your Daimyo. The number of the card played gives you that many action points to do this.

The winner of the Skirmish, or trick, gets the Kachidoki card and scores the area their Daimyo is in, area control style.

After players have played all their cards you score each zone on the map.

But, the right most zones are worth more points early in the game and nothing towards the end. The zones towards the left are the reverse of this.

So this way you see a migration of Daimyo and Samurai across the board from right to left as the game progresses.

It’s a very pretty game with good unique game play. Glad I picked this one up.

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